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Reading: Changing Places, Changing Lives


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Changing Places, Changing Lives


Alexandra Martin ,

Allied Connect, AU
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Valerie Watchorn,

Deakin University, AU
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Cathryn Grant

Architecture & Access, AU
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The built environment has long been recognised as a significant determinant of social inclusion and participation of people who experience disability. Despite existence of anti-discrimination legislation and development of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability, many individuals continue to experience inequitable access to their communities. Using a qualitative approach, this study aimed to explore the lived experiences of people who use Changing Places facilities within Victoria, Australia. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with four participants regarding their experiences of using Changing Places facilities. Findings from this study further consolidate existing research that highlight social inequities experienced by people with severe and profound physical disabilities. Findings in this preliminary study can also support the development and expansion of Changing Places facilities, not only as a means of meeting legal obligations within our community, but also as an approach towards improving social inclusion and participation of people with severe and profound physical disabilities.

How to Cite: Martin, A., Watchorn, V. and Grant, C., 2018. Changing Places, Changing Lives. Journal of Social Inclusion, 9(2), pp.5–21. DOI:
Published on 30 Dec 2018.
Peer Reviewed


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