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Reading: Are we making a difference? Rural university students’ perceptions of diversity and inclusion


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Are we making a difference? Rural university students’ perceptions of diversity and inclusion


Henry Ho ,

Ferris State University, US
About Henry
Henry Ho is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Ferris State University. Henry’s research focuses on customer value creation and delivery in the B2B context, marketing in Asia, international advertising and promotion and marketing education. Dr. Ho has over 40 peer-reviewed publications in journals and proceedings. He received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from Southern Cross University in Gold Coast, Australia.
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Catherine Browers

Ferris State University, US
About Catherine
Catherine Browers has been a professor in the College of Business at Ferris State University since 2007. Dr. Browers has taught courses in topics of financial and managerial accounting, financial management, ethics and fraud, management and associated metrics, small business systems, and entrepreneurship. She has received several awards and honorable mentions for her university and private sector work.
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Recent demographic trends indicate that the evolving workforce will increasingly comprise a variety of cultures, belief systems, and ethnic populations. As future professionals in a global environment, post-graduate business students must understand the increasing importance of differences they will encounter. The purpose of this study is to understand business students’ perceptions of diversity and inclusion during their academic experience in a rural university in west-central Michigan, USA. The research design was descriptive, and the research was conducted using a quantitative method of surveying. Any students currently pursuing their qualification at College of Business comprised the target population. A total of 349 students responded to the survey. The respondents ranging in age from 18-24 years responded to Likert scale and nominal questions regarding their perceptions on diversity and inclusion. Although mostly positive, business students shared that some of the current programs could be improved. These perceptions provide constructive data for use in evaluating and amending current diversity and inclusion programs and suggestions for future research are offered based on the study’s findings.
How to Cite: Ho, H. and Browers, C., 2019. Are we making a difference? Rural university students’ perceptions of diversity and inclusion. Journal of Social Inclusion, 10(1), pp.78–92. DOI:
Published on 13 Sep 2019.
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