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Reading: Story sovereignty - Safe spaces for performers of colour


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Story sovereignty - Safe spaces for performers of colour


Dion Enari

Auckland University of Technology, AU
About Dion
Dion Enari is a lecturer at the School of Sport and Recreation, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at Auckland University of Technology. He is also a PhD Candidate at Bond University, Gold Coast with a Master of International Relations and Lefaoali’i (high talking Chief) title from Lepa, Samoa. His research interests include Sport Management, Sport Leadership, mental health, Pacific language, indigenous studies, and trans-nationalism.
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Performers of colour have had to endure racism, both on and off stage. Sadly, many performers of colour have had personal (in)direct experiences of racism. Sadder yet, there are those who have been discouraged to pursue careers in the performing arts, because of the racism they have experienced. This article analyses a production by women of colour called Hot Brown Honey. Through this show, notions of racism are called to question and safe spaces for performers of colour are created. As two Pacific Island authors, one being the Director/Co-writer/Performer and the other an activist academic, we provide insider access into the Hot Brown Honey family. Through our insider voices, we are able to share our experiences of how this show disrupts racist perceptions, and privileges people of colour and our narratives. It is our humble prayer that both this show and article empowers people of colour in the performing arts, and builds a better industry for the next generation.
How to Cite: Enari, D., 2022. Story sovereignty - Safe spaces for performers of colour. Journal of Social Inclusion, 13(1), pp.86–92.
Published on 22 Aug 2022.


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